Drywall Textures and Repairs, Vaulted Ceiling Install, Smooth Ceiling Finishes.

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                                                          WHO's IWD SERVICES?

Indy Wall​ Doctor ( IWD) services is the brain child of owner Darrell B Green. After working in the construction field for many, many years he realized it was time to move on to do the thing he desired most. Developing drywall products to make jobs easier and to do custom drywall design as an artist passion. There was a spot for IWD in this industry, from barrel ceilings installation, custom texture design enhanced by LED back lighting, custom faux painting as well as custom drywall crown moldings. Indy Wall Doctor ( IWD ) Services was created in 1999. A long the way we covered everything realizing that we where getting away from our original ideas, providing custom drywall finishes, developing new drywall tools and services to be used in this billion dollar drywall and home improvement industry. 

IWD Services states:"Being on both sides .once as management and now as business owner IWD's ability to give the client what they need in the areas of drywall finishes , textures , barrel ceilings ( shown in picture above)repairs and interior paint are endless , we stand for quality , we also treat your home like it was our own, that means we pay attention to detail. make sure the job is well done and the site is cleaner than before".