Indy Wall Doctor ( IWD) services is the brain child of owner Darrell B Green. After working in the construction field for many, many years he realized it was time to move on to do the thing he desired most. Developing drywall products to make jobs easier and to do custom drywall design as an artist passion. There was a spot for IWD in this industry,  from barrel ceilings installation, custom texture design enhanced by LED back lighting, custom faux painting  as well  as custom drywall crown moldings. Indy Wall Doctor ( IWD ) Services was created in 1999.   A long the way we covered everything realizing that we where getting away from our original ideas, providing custom drywall finishes, developing new drywall tools  and services to be used in this billion dollar  drywall and home improvement industry.

In 2017 there were new challenges, the drywall repair work force seemed to be slowly drying up, but we at IWD services are developing  a new group of workers  who take pride in their craft.  With IWD services the customer can be confident there getting the product they ask for.  That may seem simple,  but in this day and age its getting harder and harder to get what you pay for and a quality experience.   That is why IWD Services is still standing strong . We believe in quality, respect to our clients, good manners, and just being kind to people.